My submission for the GE Jam #3. Best played in fullscreen.

Sound effects are still a work in progress

Let me know what you think!


Download 19 MB


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This game was a ton of fun, really kept me on m toes trying to escape from the ghosts while also monitoring the platform timer! Great use of particles here, i really love the massive death explosion and the fireballs! 

The physics were really great here too, I enjoyed having that super jump feeling! The sound effects paired well with it too! I think the ghost sound effect was a bit too quiet compared to all the other ones but I'm sure that can be an easy fix for the future. Great job!


Very fun, I got 22, i liked the changing platforms, they really kept me on my toes there. and the art is great! good job

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed :D


Very fun but also later get very difficult when there are 10 ghosts right behind you :O, I like the concept and and changing platforms really gave an extra challenge when you are running from the ghost and the fool under you disappears really fun game keep up the good work!

Thank you!


2 hard for me.